What can you find on the “PAM” ?

Training directed by Stéphane Mottram
Training directed by Stéphane Mottram. © C. Loiseau – Institut International de la Marionnette.

The PAM tends toward being an exhaustive resource:

  • Geographically, in the first place the PAM will offer a first view on traditional practices and contemporary creation in many countries. In the long term, many international partners will add their expertise to the portal.
  • Chronologically : with collections from heritage and from contemporary creation, the PAM will show six centuries of the history of the puppet in France.
  • An exhaustive presentation of contemporary companies, showing at least 5 pictures of the work of each licensed company in France. This posting will be progressive, and will be subject to consultation with the companies.

In addition to making the material available online and the description of documents, the «PAM» also offers editorial, scientific and educational reflection:

  • Biographical notes on the identity of artists, companies, institutions, characters;
  • Event notes on shows, festival, conferences and exhibitions
  • Lexical notes on the words connected with the arts of puppetry in different languages
  • Themed files on the fundamental issues of puppetry, on themes frequently illustrated in puppet shows, on historical periods and artistic movements, on the interaction between puppets and society, links with other art forms, geographical synthesis (thanks to the partnership with UNIMA and Entretemps publications), files connected to school syllabuses and the publication of books etc.
  • Bibliographies, filmographies, Internet links.

To bridge the individual, virtual universe of the Internet and the living reality of shows, festivals and exhibitions:

  • a forum (for suggestions, exchanges on shows or questions) – end of 2011
  • a directory of the arts of puppetry – end of 2011
  • an agenda for the arts of puppetry is also under consideration.