Dossier thématique sur Alain Recoing

Ce dossier réalisé en écho à la publication du numéro 55 de Manip, s’intitule “Alain Recoing, la marionnette entre engagement et expérimentation” et porte notamment sur Manipulsations. Découvrez le dossier.

Wanted notice of Chesnais puppets

As part of its scientific and patrimonial activities, the Institut International de la Marionnette is seeking information regarding several puppets and documents created by Jacques and Madeleine Chesnais or having belonged to their collection, and that have today disappeared. If you can bring information as to the current location and condition of the puppet or […]

PAM Armadillo

A new Puppetry Arts Portal (PAM) is underway

The website of choice for the puppet in France is getting a makeover. We have designed it first and foremost for the users – theatre-goers , professionals and researchers alike. We want it open to your contributions on the one hand, and to the availability of data on the other. In the meantime, we are offering […]